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Knowing Christ

Though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.  2 Corinthians. 5:16.

What is it to know Christ after the flesh? It is to content ourselves with carnal views of his person, character, and kingdom.  This was the case with all those who followed him, not on account of his miracles and doctrines, but for the loaves and fishes.  Alas, are there not too many who wish to know Christ for carnal, worldly interest, and not that they may be saved from a proud, rebellious heart, and an ungodly life.  O my soul, let me see to it, that my seeking after Christ may not be carnal, but spiritual; worldly interest is too apt, it may be feared, to influence both private professors and even public preachers.  True believers can say that henceforth this carnal knowledge of Christ is not their pursuit.  Where the Spirit of Jesus regenerates the heart, and we are brought to a spiritual and experimental knowledge of Christ, we shall love him, rejoice in him, humbly submit to his will in all things, and daily pray to be more and more like him.  O thou dear and precious Jesus, grant that this may be more and more my experience, till I shall know thee in all thy holiness and glory for ever and ever.

I cannot live contented here,
Without some glimpses of thy face;
And heaven, without thy presence there,
Would be a dark and tiresome place.

This flesh of mine might learn as soon
To live, yet part with all my blood;
To breathe when vital air is gone,
Or thrive and grow without my food.
(A Golden Treasury ~ February 17)

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